What We Do

XXtralab Design is one of the leading multimedia space design companies based in Taipei, Taiwan, that specializes in designing & engineering tangible / intangible interfaces to deliver unique interactive experiences and services.

Who We Are

The number of members at XXtralab Design has now reached 30 people who come from such diverse fields as visual design, digital media, architecture, interior design, information engineering, design computing, industrial design, and fine art. We at XXtralab Design respect different cultural views and work as a multi-disciplinary team to offer inclusive design services.

Multitouch Expert in TAIWAN

Having previously completed numerous pioneering multi-touch studies and projects we were certified in 2009 and became a member of the Microsoft BizSpark program which is dedicated to the design, research, and development of multi-touch products and application software.

Our Vision

By participating in the design execution of internationally-renowned projects and accumulating growing credits in design excellence, we envision ourselves to be the definition and thrust that will help shape a better model for business, services, or living with the combined power of art and technology.